Cost of bad habits and hope

Okay, I confess, I'm not in perfect shape, and I do have some bad habits.

When I say bad habits, I mean smoking, drinking pop or alcohol to an extreme, eating out too much, impulse buying, etc. I don't personally do any of the above, they are just provided as examples.

Thats said, I was wondering what would happen if instead of spending money on bad habits, we were to channel that money to something that would make us money. Now, I like the stock market and do decently enough (although not this year), but I wanted to expand my thinking.

So, let's say you spend about 5,000 to 10,000 on the bad habits/activies listed above. Wouldn't it be interesting to buy a house with that money and rent it out? That money that you spend every year for smoking and drinking could go to building a real estate portfolio for you or your kids (this will be a future topic).

Perhaps such an investment would give a person the motivation to stop the bad habits. Smoking could be totally cut out (granted it wouldn't be easy), pop and alcohol could only be consumed on special occasions (like they were in the old days), perhaps Birthdays, etc...

I might in a future post do some mathmatical analysis to provide an example of such a experiment.

For now, I might try to channel some of my saving from the above to a bank account, so that I can get enough for a downpayment.

- D

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