Going overboard with green efforts?

Okay, I've believe in the being as green as possible. But am I going overboard with this effort?

Below are some examples that I wonder if I'm going overboard or working too hard to save the planet.

1.) For the bag of peanuts that I eat at lunch, I reuse the same sandwich plastic bag for a week.
2.) My wife buys bottled water, so I'll drink one, then use tap water to fill it up for a week or two.
3.) My lunch bag it a lined plastic one with tears in it. To maximize usage, I duct taped the tears so that it still keeps food cool inside.
4.) My lawnmower is 10+ years old. It's been welded ($5 a weld) three times, wheel replace once, engine chasis cover taken off to fix a problem, and in one spot held together with a plastic tie. I hope to get at least 15 to 20 years out of it.
5.) I use the same plastic bag (target bags are great! They don't have holes in them) for both the dog and cat waste once a week.
6.) Instead of wasting bags daily with the cat waste, I took and empty cat litter bucket, lined it with a target bag, then put the cat waste in it. Then I put the original litter bucket lid back on the bucket (it will form a seal that way). Then I keep the bucket by the litter box and daily dump the cat waste into the bucket, closing the lid each time.
7.) After my tennis shoes get to old, I use them as lawn mowing shoes.
8.) We also use the target (or walmart, or whatever) as small trash can liners. Only for the bed rooms though, no liquid should go in these...

Well, these are some of my more unusual ways to be frugal and green at the same time.

I believe in getting as much use out of something as possible.

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