December Update

Another Christmas is just around the horizon!  It's been a fair year, not as exciting as last year but not a bad year either. 

I've developed the bad habit of going to McDonalds for their latte (they hooked me with the free ones the were giving out for a while).  Not very frugal of me... not very frugal at all!

This past summer, my lawnmower died, requiring me to buy a new one!  That was almost $400 out of my pocket (ouch).

I also spend money on water for a pool so my kid's could swim during the hot summer (this worked out fabulously!).  Summer went incredible fast this year, only beat by the growth in maturity and height of my kids!

I think it went so fast because it was so busy!  My sister had a baby.  Many of my family members moved to bigger houses.  I paid off my mortgage in Feb.  My son won his soccer championship. My son also cashed in all of the aluminum cans mentioned in the article: "Is Recycling Aluminum Cans Worth Doing Anymore?".  We all have been busy all the way around!

I'm going to start posting my monthly thoughts here at least once a month, possible more...

Have a good year :)

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