March 2011 Update

Finally, with March, things are back to normal.  Nothing really earth shattering has happened.  There was a small change in the way work is structured, but nothing that really affect me largely.

I've been skipping along the blogosphere's surface with tunnel vision, not really looking very deeply below the surface, until now.  Just lately, I started seeing the movement within of the old blogosphere.  It moves fast and without hesitation, I've literally learned more this month than the entire last year.  I now see where my mistakes are, and what I should have been doing all along.

The previous mantra about just write great content, isn't quite accurate these days.  I've seen some blogs with great content out there fade into oblivion because of the lack of readership.  These days, the blogosphere is a lot like a luxury car.  It's pretty and has a lot of power, but if you don't change the oil and take care of it, it too will stop working and become scrap metal.  It's more complex than it was 2, 4 or more years ago, in those days it sounded like that was all you had to!  It's no longer a few hours per post and then just wait like you are fishing.  You'll need to run fast, far and broadly in the new competitive Web 2.0 blogosphere.  At least if you want your voice heard by people other than family.

Spring is right around the corner, and this year it's a welcome friend!  I've been neglecting thinking about where I want to go on vacation since Hawaii is not out of the running.  Perhaps we'll go to Disney World again,  that was an awesome experience... too bad I was sick the entire time I was down there.  My kids had a great time though.

Here's to a great March now that we don't have to worry about the "Ides of March"

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