Spring Early, Summer Update

This Spring season has been very wet!  It's been pretty much a letdown for all of May and a good part of June.

I coached my daughter's soccer U7 team this spring season, and surprisingly I had a blast!  Our first year team won about half of our games, and the ones that we lost were all close except for the first game (when I was in California).

So why was I in California? 
I was part of a Proof of Concept week long meeting for a Microsoft product.  The team of evaluators were pulled from various states by my employer and gathered to look at a the new release of a software package that is to come out next year.  The evaluation was on Microsoft's campus out in silicon valley and the experience was mundo cool!

I decided to start a weight loss program that had a twist!  The twist is that I want to lose weight while spending less money!  How cool would that be!  So far I'm down about 16 lbs in 2 week.  Yes, I'm low carbing it initially.  I've also been able to spend less money that I was prior to starting the diet!  It's been a win-win for me!

Now for some sad news!  We decided not to go to Hawaii for a vacation this year (bummer), but on the brighter side I plan on going to a pf blogger conference and meet some of the people that blog in the community.  That should be very exciting!

My blog has been doing great, much better than I expected, but in line with what my peers are going in Yakezie.  It looks like we all float up together so far...

Not much more is going on.  My shrubs are being pulled out in the front (easier than I thought!).  My car sucks (it's a Chevy 2003 Malibu), my daughter and son are going great.  My son has braces and his teeth are looking wonderful.  My wife and her friend are taking the kids down to King's Island...

Well, that's it for today,

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