Alternative Workout

When I was younger, I used to workout a lot of the time with my friends. We would spending hours pumping iron, each taking turns and waiting to cycling through the particular exercise. It was great times, and I thoroughly enjoyed it..

But now time is much more precious. Now with a family, workout time is non-existent. I hardly ever see my old friends, and I'm always tired for lack of sleep. So how does one with no time try to get into shape, without spending a fortune in money for memberships or wasting the time to do such a workout?

Here's how I do it... Soccer practice. Not me, but with my son and daughter. If you do it right, and break a sweat, you will get into shape that way. I actually worked out with my son for an hour today. He actually told me he was too tired and wanted to go home... and he's only eight. I then later, played with my four year old daughter for a half an hour. Granted I was dragging, but I did it. Great workout, quality time spend with the kids... win-win scenario!

I also try to mow the lawn with a push mower twice a week, and walk the dog going to the park (again with one or both of the kids). I still have to watch my diet, but so far in the past 2 months, I've lost 15 pounds. If I lose another 15 pounds, I'll be in pretty good shape.

Another great way to lose weight, is to walk in the park at lunch (I don't do this much though because I hate to sweat at work).

- D

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