Fighting an Army of Ants

Today, as I was going out to get the mail, I encountered an army of black ants stealthly marching across my driveway in the grooves the pavers created for hiding cracks. I have ant pesticide that would kill them, but I also have 2 kids that play in the driveway too. Needless to say, I decided to go with a natural solution.

So, I used google (a bloggers/internet users best friend), and typed: "natural ant killer". There were a few suggestions, but the one that I used was a spray bottle filled with vinegar. I sprayed the marching ants, and it actually seemed to kill quite a few of them.

My only questions is "Was this the most prudent move?". Afterall, they weren't really harming anything, and they weren't in my house... Next, I guess I'll have to google what the benefits of ants are. Because I'm sure my ant killing rampage only decimated the colony, and I'm sure I'll see them again.

Other suggestions were: sugar substitute equal and the breakfast treat grits. I'm sure they might have worked, but I was afraid that they might actually attrack other ants too.

- D

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